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Crypto Banning Draft will not be included in the upcoming Parliament session

Crypto banning Draft is not on this list for upcoming winter parliamentary session in India starting from 18th November, 2019. Here it is which update came from Lok Sabha about Crypto banning Draft.

Hon’ble members are informed that an e-portal has been put in place to facilitate the members to submit their notices online to raise the Matters of Urgent Public Importance after Question Hour, i.e. during ‘Zero Hour’. Members can also physically hand over the notices of ‘Zero Hour’ for which printed form is available in the Parliamentary Notice Office. The following procedure for raising matters of urgent public importance after Question Hour, i.e. during ‘Zero Hour’ shall be followed:

  1. Notices may be given either through printed form at Parliamentary Notice Office or online by the members from 1700 hours to 1800 hours on the day prior to the day/date on which the members desire to raise their matters in the House.
  2. The notices received after 1800 hours shall be treated as time-barred.
  3. Twenty matters as per their priority in the ballot will be allowed to be raised on a day. However, 4-5 notices over and above these twenty matters of national/international importance could also be tabled on the same day morning on which the matter is sought to be raised in the House, for which no ballot would be held and may be allowed on the basis of their importance and that too only at the discretion of Hon’ble Speaker.
  4. The order in which the matters will be raised, shall be decided by the Hon’ble Speaker at her/his discretion.
  5. A matter proposed to be raised should be under the jurisdiction of the Government of India only so that it would be easier for the Minister concerned to respond to it, in case she/he desires to do so.
  6. Matter proposed to be raised shall not contain any statement making allegations.

Notices for Monday or first working day of a week may be given on Friday or last working day of the previous week between 1700 hours and 1800 hours.