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Ledger Hardware Wallets integrate with Samsung Blockchain Platform

Blockchain has been the buzzword of the tech and finance industry over the last few years as the technology has seen solid, steady growth.

Coming off the recent Cryptocurrency booms and the active discussions about practical application, blockchain is poised to evolve even further as it continues to hold much promise.

Support for legacy applications means developers can easily incorporate blockchain into any existing app. This ultimately allows users to make payments in cryptocurrency in their favorite applications – whether it’s buying a coffee, purchasing in-game items, or subscribing to app services.

Perhaps most importantly, the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK is giving users peace of mind with improved security. With the integration of Ledger, users now have even more options for storing their private keys, so they don’t have to worry as much about hackers.

Ultimately the Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK is a big step forward for both developers and users in the blockchain community. Developers will find it easier to integrate blockchain into their software while the expanding ecosystem of DApps will allow users to transact with blockchain easily in their most commonly used applications no matter where they are.